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A brief guide to JCT Contract Documents

Tianjin Construction Site, Jakob MontrasioLast month we had a brief look at the different types of NEC 3 contract forms and pointed out that the language used is industry friendly as opposed to lawyer friendly. To give some balance to the discussion, here is a run down of JCT contracts. We'll let you decide which is more appropriate for you.

The stable of JCT contracts is bewildering but you can navigate your way around if you spend some time learning what options are available. There is a mass of documentation intended to suit almost any chosen procurement route. Here is an attempt to guide you through the options.

Main Contracts & Sub-contracts ("to fit")

(1) JCT 2005 is the Standard Form for building the specified project. Options: With Quantities/ without/ Approx Quants. A guide is available. And of sub-contracts in this system

  • SBC Sub-contract
  • Sub-contract with Design (conditions and separate "Agreement")

(2) JCT Intermediate Form for Building, also
JCT Intermediate Form for Building with Contractor's Design. A guide is available and of Intermediate Sub-contracts see Named Sub-contract Conditions & Agreement. Also see Domestic Sub-contract conditions and Separate Agreement.
(3) JCT Design & Build... "Conditions" (and separate) "Agreement" and see Guide and of Sub-contracts see Sub-contract Agreement and separate Conditions.
(4) JCT Major Projects Contract and see Guide and see Major Projects Sub-contract.
(5) JCT Minor Contracts Contract also
JCT Minor Contracts Contract with Contractor's Design and see Minor Works Sub-contract.
(6) JCT Framework Contract & Guide but no Sub-contract applicable.
(7) JCT Home Owner Contract and no Sub-contracts.
(8) JCT Short Form of Subcontract. 

Construction Management Contracts


The JCT Management Contract is the Contract between Employer and Management Company ("the Appointment").

The JCT "Trade Contract" links the Management Contractor and Employer with the supply chain contractors.

The JCT Collateral Warranties link the Trade Contractor with Tenant/ Purchaser/ Funder.

Other JCT Contracts

  • JCT Framework Agreement
  • JCT Constructing Excellence Contract
  • JCT Pre-Construction Services Agreement
  • JCT Consultancy Agreement

Bear in mind that these documents include rules for managing the construction contract such as giving notices, calculating extra time, calculating Variations costs. Reading all the bumf is not easy. Ignore the bumf at your peril.

JCT Documents are available from ‘Bliss Books'. Please contact Ann on 01565 777234 (www.blissbooks.com)

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