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NEC 3 Project Manager's Powers and Duties

This guide explains the roles and responsibilities of Project Managers under the NEC 3 construction contract. The relationship between the Employer, Contractor(s) and Project Manager are explained. Here the role of the Project Manager in managing time, testing and defects, payments, compensation events, title, risks and insurance and finally termination of a contract is considered. However, it is the employer and contractor who are in contract. The project manager “administers” the contract.



Adjudication under the JCT contract

Last month, we took a look at adjudication under NEC3 and noted that you need to find an adjudicator with experience in the field. This month, we're looking at adjudication under a different form of construction contract: The JCT contract form.



NEC 3 - Some Background

The NEC family of building and engineering contract documents are designed to help contractors and clients avoid disputes. If they do happen, the principal dispute resolution procedure remains adjudication. Here is some more background.



Fair Payment under NEC 3 Construction Contracts

Public construction projects now have special payment requirements. This commentary focuses on how to set up and operate in practice the NEC3 contract document family once chosen for your procurement.



Adjudication under the NEC3 document

We've previously taken a look at what an adjudication is and what you might want to think about when a dispute needs adjudicating. This month, we're looking at adjudication under the NEC3 document and think about some specific aspects of appointing an adjudicator under this type of contract.



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