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Getting an Adjudication under way? 15 things to think about

Here's a 15 point checklist of things to think about when getting an adjudication underway under the Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act (HGCRA).



How to help an adjudicator adjudicate

It's just about 12-years since "Adjudication" under building & civil engineering contracts was invented. Invented not by lawyers (some poo-poohed it); invented by our construction industry especially for construction. And in that time, and in the more than 250 times having been the adjudicator, I have seen it change, settle down, mature. Even the lawyers admit that it's working.



Dispute Watch: What 28 days of adjudication will mean for you

Let's call it "Dispute Watch". It's 12 years now since mandatory 28-day Adjudication was invented. What that 28-day period really means is that if you are the Responding/ Defending Party in an adjudication began this morning you have to drop everything and get on to the adjudication; yes now... before noon.



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