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Compensation Events under NEC 3 - Health Warning

The NEC 3 contract has attracted much attention, at least in the construction industry, with its wide spread adoption in prestigious contracts including the London 2012 Olympic Games.  It is not without its critics though. Love it or hate it, as Nigel Ribbands explains, it should come with a health warning attached.



A brief guide to NEC contract documents

Ok, so we've learnt about how adjudicators get appointed under NEC 3 contracts, but did you know that there are many types of NEC 3 contracts designed for different situations. Here's a brief run down with links to each of them.



NEC 3 Project Manager's Powers and Duties

This guide explains the roles and responsibilities of Project Managers under the NEC 3 construction contract. The relationship between the Employer, Contractor(s) and Project Manager are explained. Here the role of the Project Manager in managing time, testing and defects, payments, compensation events, title, risks and insurance and finally termination of a contract is considered. However, it is the employer and contractor who are in contract. The project manager “administers” the contract.



A brief guide to JCT Contract Documents

Last month we had a brief look at the different types of NEC 3 contract forms and pointed out that the language used is industry friendly as opposed to lawyer friendly. To give some balance to the discussion, here is a run down of JCT contracts. We'll let you decide which is more appropriate for you.



Adjudicator Nominating Body - what we do.

An adjudicator nominating body appoints adjudicators to help bring resolution to a dispute arising under a construction contract. There are many of them around and parties are free to approach them to help them appoint an adjudicator. We take a look under the hatch of nec-adjudicators.org to see what it is all about and how it works in practice.



Adjudication under the JCT contract

Last month, we took a look at adjudication under NEC3 and noted that you need to find an adjudicator with experience in the field. This month, we're looking at adjudication under a different form of construction contract: The JCT contract form.



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